8 essential skills every graphic designer needs to possess


Do you want to make a career in graphic designing? Do you keep comparing different logos and websites thinking about how you could have made them better? Graphic designing is a dream job for many creative individuals which is also becoming highly competitive with every passing day.

To become a sought after professional in the field, you will need to master these eight skills:

1 Visual ideation

A design is a collection of concepts that when used together communicates a message. All the tools can only help you in creating those messages; you need to come up with the visual concepts first. Be imaginative; tap into your creative resources and develop original sketches and ideas. (Image source: medium.com)

2 Aesthetic design sense

An immaculate sense of design marks your prowess as a graphic designer. This sixth sense is the major skill that separates a designer from the other mortals. With a few months of practice, anyone can learn tools and software but without the ability to differentiate between a good and a bad design in the first place, you can only do so much.

3 Typography

It’s one of those rare skills that is essential for both the print and digital mediums unequivocally. Termed as the official language of designing, a knowledge of typography usually marks the difference between a good and an excellent designer; it can make or break your design.

4 Design software

Your technical skills play an important role in the execution of any idea. Mastering Adobe suite, for example, is essential as you will be working with software like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator on a daily basis. (Image source: cbmedia.ie)

5 Web design software

Web design is increasingly overlapping with graphic designing. Employers prefer those candidates who have at least basic UI/UX knowledge or web design experience. Basic knowledge of these programming languages helps you in overcoming the shortcomings of the CMS you are required to work on.

6 Color theory

A color is at the base of every design and the color theory empowers all the designers to use the medium to their advantage. Every color has a certain psychological effect on humans and affects a reader’s decisions subconsciously. The color theory also includes lighting and shadowing along with the effects it produces.

7 Communication skills

The ability to communicate is fundamental to everything that a designer does but it’s not just about visual communication. Understanding what a client wants from a design is the key to producing a successful product. Designers also need to be able to articulate their ideas and concepts to the employers or clients fluently and with ease.

8 Networking skills

The ability to create a network with peers and seasoned professionals is essential for the development of a designer. You need a team outside your official team. Blogging has emerged as one of the most successful platforms for designers, not just for networking but for creating an online presence. Online portfolios are arguably replacing their print counterparts.


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